Founded in 2019, EMRIS International is a dynamic global company positioned for explosive growth. We are obsessed with bringing the highest quality products to market through an empowering business model.

We are committed to strict testing, superior results, innovation, and excellence in all that we do.

This family-owned, purpose driven, fun loving, hardworking team has created a home for those who want to build a legacy, not just a paycheck.

EMRIS is more than a company.

It's a movement.

There's a powerful story of an African village that was experiencing a crippling drought. The elders of the village called the community members together to pray for rain and an end to the drought.

They appointed a specific time and a specific place for the whole village to gather to pray for rain. 

When the villagers came together, only one member, a small child thought to bring her rain boots and umbrella.

She was so certain that the drought was over she came prepared for the downpour of rain.

We believe that you are entering a new season in your life. 

Whether you've been experiencing a financial drought or a physical and emotional drought. 

That drought is over!

At EMRIS people from all walks of life and from all around the world are gathering to experience a new season of breakthrough and restoration.

To walk forward, boldly in faith.

And to claim that #thedroughtisover

Matthew Harris | Co - Founder

Chief Executive Officer (CEO ) & Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)

Matthew's story is the story of an African dream come true.

At the age of 18 after spending most of his life growing up in Butterworth, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Matthew moved with his family to the United States.

He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with an International Emphasis from Andrews University, graduating near the top of his class. Upon completing his undergraduate studies Matthew moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he established a successful lifestyle management company, serving a clientele base of professional athletes and high net worth celebrities.

Having been first introduced to the network marketing industry and treating the space as a hobby as a teenager, Matthew found himself taking the profession very seriously when the recessionary challenges of 2008 caused dramatic slowdowns in his business and he was forced to find alternative business opportunities.

Thanks to God's grace, determination, and his signature Dream Then Find A Way attitude, Matthew worked his way to the very top 1% of distributors in the world. Under his leadership over 30 + network marketing professionals were able to develop $100,000+ a year incomes.

His success led him to retire from the network marketing profession in 2014, but it was the passing of his grandmother in Cape Town in 2016 that inspired Matthew to re-engage in the profession; this time with the focus on building a legacy of empowering entrepreneurs across the continent of Africa.

"When I lost my grandmother; everything changed for me. People would call and message just to send their well wishes and they all talked about the impact she had made in their lives. I realized that even though my grandmother didn't leave behind an inheritance, she left behind something even greater; She left a legacy. 

I realized it was time for me to pick up where she had left off and to empower people with the tools and resources they needed to become agents of change. And together we could build a new future for Africa. One of prosperity, empowerment, and equality."

Ilean Harris |Co - Founder

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

The daughter of Cuban immigrants to the United States, Ilean was the first person in her family to attend and graduate from college. After completing her undergraduate studies she went onto complete her Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Ilean's passion and drive for empowering entrepreneurs around the world led her to being featured in dozens of global publications as well as being inducted into the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council.

A native Spanish speaker, Ilean brings her tremendous global business experience and track record of success to EMRIS.