Founded in 2019, EMRIS is a dynamic company, positioned for explosive growth!

Our co-founder’s own career paths made them personally familiar with the shortfalls of the traditional educational system when it comes to preparing people for the financial realities of the 21st century. After both investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into their undergraduate and graduate school education, they found their career options shrinking, and their personal finances in ruin. Turning to entrepreneurship, they found success, building global businesses, while generating 10s of millions of dollars in sales.

Through their own journey to success our co-founders discovered a passion for teaching the principles they had learned in the real world. This led to the creation of EMRIS!

At EMRIS, we believe that righting the economic scale in this world begins with financial and business education.

Our vision is to elevate the human experience by empowering people all around the world with the knowledge and tools to create generational wealth.

Matthew Harris | Co - Founder

Chief Executive Officer (CEO ) & Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)

At the age of 18 after spending most of his life growing up in Butterworth, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Matthew moved with his family to the United States.

He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with an International Emphasis from Andrews University, graduating near the top of his class. Upon completing his undergraduate studies Matthew moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he established a successful lifestyle management company, serving a clientele base of professional athletes and high net worth celebrities.

Having been first introduced to the network marketing industry and treating the space as a hobby as a teenager, Matthew found himself taking the profession very seriously when the recessionary challenges of 2008 caused dramatic slowdowns in his business and he was forced to find alternative business opportunities.

Thanks to God’s grace, determination, and his signature Dream Then Find A Way attitude, Matthew worked his way to the very top 1% of distributors in the world. Under his leadership over 30 + network marketing professionals have been able to develop $100,000+ a year incomes.

Ilean Harris |Co - Founder

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

The daughter of Cuban immigrants to the United States, Ilean was the first person in her family to attend and graduate from college. After completing her undergraduate studies she went onto complete her Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Ilean's passion and drive for empowering entrepreneurs around the world led her to being featured in dozens of global publications as well as being inducted into the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council.

A native Spanish speaker, Ilean brings her tremendous global business experience and track record of success to EMRIS International & Momentum Business Academy.

Her track record of building successful global businesses and training entrepreneurs all around the world have made her an icon in the personal development and entrepreneurship community.